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Honest Rich Group

Honest Rich Group has leveraged its relationships in the petroleum sector to become a major strategic partner in providing a variety of oil products to the market. This includes crude oil, mazut, gasoil, LNG, jp54, and some refined products. HRG provides the bridge between the production facilities and the end user, often a government or government entity.  The focus has been supplies from Russian partners to Asian clients through an affiliated realtionship with a Dubai based oil exploration and development company. HRG believes the growth in this part of the business over the next five years will be exponential, providing HRG with the financial capacity and clout to become a major player in meeting the future energy needs of Asia.

HRG (Honest Rich Group LTD), a conglomerate of companies represents a long history and tradition in partnerships within the global minerals industry. HRG has served as a leading senior adviser to the Asian and International minerals business, blending a unique combination of know-how and financial skills for acquiring and development of mineral optimization and value creation across a diverse range of commodities and geographies, and for a diverse range of Chinese minerals in particular to a very specific industry and clients. HRG combines all its various capabilities in exploiting and evaluating mineral resources, in addition to overseeing all statutory and compliance issues thus minimizing risk and ensuring success across a wide range of products.

Currently, HRG specializes in rare earth elements and tungsten which originate in China. The world supply for these minerals is largely controlled by China as they are by far the leading producer of these highly sought after commodities. The Corporate leadership of HRG has built a lifetime of relationships and goodwill throughout the business community in China and as a result is able to facilitate a steady supply.

We provide all of the 17 minerals listed as rare earth elements. In addition, HRG has established itself as one of the leading providers of 99.99% pure tungsten, a product especially important to aerospace, nuclear and defense industries. We understand that our clients expect a great deal of discretion in our business practices and to that end, HRG takes all the guess work out of buying in China by physically taking ownership of the products and handling all the export particulars first. With this arrangement, the clients are always protected.

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Address:12F.,No13,Minzu 1st Rd.,Sanmin Dist.,Kaohsiung City 807,Taiwan(R.O.C) (Full display google map)

Honest Rich Group
Address:12F.,No13,Minzu 1st Rd.,Sanmin Dist.,Kaohsiung City 807,Taiwan(R.O.C)